About Dr. Reggie Howard

About Dr. Reggie Howard

Dr. Reginald Walter Howard is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Truth and Transformation Ministries, Inc. and works in private practice as a Spiritual Clinical Therapist.  Dr. Howard is an ordained minister  and has been formally trained and educated in the discipline of Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychology. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology in 2014 and is graduate of both Georgia State University and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Reggie is affectionately known as “Dr. Reggie” among his parishioners and patients.

He teaches the “Psychology of Spiritual Transformation”, meaning he has successfully merged the worlds of both psychology and spirituality into all aspects of his ministry, counseling practice and written publications.

reggie-booksDr. Reggie is the author of two books: The Transformative Truth: 7 Steps For Spiritual Transformation”  and  Transformative Thoughts: The Soul’s Sacred Shift.” Both books assist the reader by providing vital tools that shift negative mental patterns into permanent, productive and  positive ways of living.

According to Dr. Reggie, mental health and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Rather, he advocates mental health is the key to developing a positive self image and the ultimate route to reaching one’s spiritual potential.